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At The Image Studio we also provide photographic services for various types of events and for clubs and magazines. 
If you were at a venue we were taking photos at, and you see your photo or event listed below and wish to purchase a copy please click on the relevant link or contact us for details at 028 92665278 or via  Prices are very competitive for early ordering and numerous sizes, options and 'bulk' deals are possible.
We regularly have very special offers on fashionable portfolio shoots e.g. (for that special present to yourself or your friends) so do ask for details.
The photos below are slightly darker than actual prints and of low resolution but because of the number of images this page may take up to 30 seconds to load up - please be patient.  If your shots are not here please contact us. 
From top to bottom, the sample shots are in the order below (some are links to a new trial site and some are further down this page)
NIHA competition 17 April 11  Click the link, enter password NIHA11, click view images and then pick your competition from the drop down list
NIHA competitions 22 Nov 10.  Click this link, pick Juniors or Seniors.  Password to enter either of these photo gallerys is NIHA
NIHA ball 20 Nov 10, Hilton Belfast.  click this link to separate photo album
NI Karate Team link to separate photo album  (enter the password)
IHF 2010 Icons awards - awards first, then guests below
NIHA ball 7 Nov 09

Hairdressing Championships for future use

Bronwyn Conroy Awards July 10
Bronwyn Conroy Awards July 10

Icons 2010 awards
Icons 2010 awards

Icons 2010 guests
Icons 2010 guests

NIHA ball Nov 09
NIHA ball Nov 09